The Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon

Race Day information


The race starts and finishes on Giggs Hill Green in Thames Ditton. The first mile of the course is run on closed roads, and in total 5 miles are traffic free. The 08.30am start time and new “wave” groupings have been designed to give runners a clear run on the open sections. There are good toilet facilities on site and other runner facilities including baggage storage. There are also toilets at approximately halfway round the course.

The race HQ is at Giggs Hill Green, Giggs Hill Road, Thames Ditton, KT7 0BT . Race HQ is based in the Event Village, on the green.

Please note that there is no onsite car parking and local runners are encouraged to come by foot, cycle or public transport. If you need to come by car, please use the Park & Ride service available.


Baggage storage will be available at the event HQ in a designated baggage area. Stewards will be available to keep the area secure and to assist with drop off and retrieval. Your race number contains a perforated strip at the bottom which you should detatch and loop around your baggage before handing it to the steward. It is recommended that you do not leave valuable items in your baggage. The organisers regretfully cannot accept responsibility for security and advise that competitors do not leave valuables in their bags.


Portaloos will be sited adjacent to the race village on Giggs Hill Green. There will be also be additional toilets at the halfway point on the course.

Chip Timing

Your unique pre-programmed timing chip  will be mailed to you 2 weeks in advance . This is a shoe chip and these will come with instructions when sent. Without your unique chip a time and position will fail to be recorded for your performance

For the Half Marathon there will be two times recorded for each runner. The first is what is called the Gun Time. It’s the official race time and is the time that the runner takes to complete the course from the time the gun was fired. The second is the Chip Time. This records the time that the runner actually takes from crossing the start line to crossing the finish line. The difference between the two times is the time elapsed from when the Starting signal sounds and the runner crosses the start line.

As far as the rules of athletics are concerned the Gun Time is the important time, and this is what the results and prizes are based on. The chip time though is important for the individual runner in assessing their performance in the race.


There are no changes being made to the course and thus the 2019 course will remain the same as in 2018 and 2017. The course was accurately measured in January 2017 and holds a certificate of course accuracy (Verification measurement under the Association of Course Measurer’s Registered Distance rules). It is a flat, mixed terrain course over closed and public roads, with a section on a good surface towpath of approximately three miles.

No dogs, accompanying vehicles or cycles are allowed on the course (with the exception of the organisers lead and tail bikes).  We regret the course is not suitable for wheelchairs, prams or pushchairs. The course will be marked at each mile.


Entries: Entries for the Hampton Court Half will remain open until January 31st 2019 OR until we reach our race limit. (All previous years have sold out before this date). There will be no entries on the day.

Fastest Times


Fastest man was Matthew Jones of Thames Hare & Hounds, who won in a time of  1.11.21

Fastest Lady was Natali Seymour, in a time of 01:22:29


Fastest man was Tom Jervis of Warrington AC, who won in a time of 01:10:57

Fastest Lady was Lee Pearce of South London Harriers, in a time of 01:27:28

2017 – course was modified

Fastest man was Dominic Kiralyfi of Hercules Wimbledon AC, who won in a time of 01:12:54

Fastest Lady was Sorrell Walsh of VPH & TH AC, in a time of 01:22:32


Fastest man was Peter Hawkings of Highgate Harriers, who won in a time of 01:10:11

Fastest Lady was Bethany Scott of London Heathside, in a time of 01:22:35

*Please note the course was modified in 2017 so we cannot make a direct comparison in terms of the winning time in previous years.


The Finish is in the same place as the Start at Giggs Hill Green. On completion of the race, runners are invited to visit the Event Village where you can visit the sponsors tents, check out the free massages and chat to other runners. Hot drinks and food will be available on a cash basis from the official race vendors

The timing chip attached to your shoe will record your race time as you cross the line. Make certain that you run over the matting in the finish funnel, this will ensure that your chip is registered.

On completion of the race, runners  need to move promptly down the finishing funnel and will then be presented with their finishers medal, tshirt and detagged before picking up free fruit,  water and goody bags.

First Aid

Professional First Aid cover will be available at the race to provide medical support if necessary.

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that will need consideration should you be taken ill, during the race, please write the details on the back of your race number. If you feel unwell before the race, or have not been well for a few days prior to the event, please do not start; remember there is always another year and another race.

Race Numbers

All race numbers will be posted in advance.  It is permitted to transfer race numbers to another person, but this should only be done in advance through the Race registration service operated by Sport Systems. This is a condition for entering the race and is extremely important especially in the event of illness or an accident during the event. It may also affect the results, and may mean someone getting a prize to which they aren’t entitled. if your number has not arrived before race day please  go straight to the Race HQ in the Event Village where the team will help you out.

Pin your race number on the FRONT of your running vest or ‘T’ shirt, where it is most visible for race officials. Runners who do not have a properly displayed number or are identified as running under the wrong name will be liable to disqualification.

Please complete the form on the back of your number with your name, contact details and any medical condition. This will help in the event of an accident or illness.

Race Discipline, Rules and Headphones

The race is officially measured by the Association of Course Measurers and holds a Registered Distance certificate. It is licenced through Run Britain and holds a full United Kingdom Athletics licence (UKA licence number 2018-32063)

The route runs on public roads. Keep to the left of the road, pavement or path during the race. Take care when overtaking and make way for faster runners. If you need to stop or walk for any reason, please move to the side of the course, so as not to impede other runners. Instructions issued by the Race Marshals, who will be wearing fluorescent yellow bibs, MUST be obeyed. They will advise you of any hazards.

Policy on wearing headphones during the race:

The Hampton Court Half Marathon is run under licence from UK Athletics and we are bound by British Athletics rules. From 1st April 2016 a new rule banning the wearing of head phones in road races was introduced. This applies to races held on single carriageway roads that are not closed to traffic.

As the Hampton Court Half Marathon has significant sections on open roads, and because we feel it is the runners and organisers interest for runners to be able to hear marshals instructions, we do not permit the use of headphones on any open road sections of the race. Any runner not complying with these rules is liable to disqualification. The Race Referee’s decision is final at all times. This advice is for your own safety and that of other road users. Without your co-operation it is not possible to hold a race on public roads.

However please do note that bone-conducting headphones are allowed under UKA rules and therefore allowed in this race.


Start: All competitors should try to arrive at least one hour before the start to allow time time for warming up and lining up. The race will start promptly at 8.30 am. Listen for the race marshals instructions to guide you to the start at the appropriate time.

Please be realistic about your expected performance, line up according to how fast you plan to run. The race cut off time will be 3 hours. Runners arriving after this time will be permitted to finish but may not be fully supported.

To avoid congestion on the course and especially over the first few miles we will employ a wave start process with a gap of a minute between each wave.

Please pay attention to the pre-race instructions. These are for the benefit of all runners, and will help guide you through the course and keep you safe. This advice is for your own safety and that of other road users.

You must be certain to run over the matting at the start line to ensure that your chip is registered.

Water Station

Water stations will be provided  at approximately 3 mile intervals.

Policy on refunds deferrals and transfers.

We regret that once you have entered the race we do not offer refunds.

We are involved in race organisation for a period of at least six months prior to the event taking place. Costs are incurred from the outset and your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event – everything from the start and finish venues, to printing, advance ordering of medals, race numbers, first aid, toilet hire and marketing and VAT. Additionally, KBC always make a direct contribution to charity from the entrance fees. For this reason we are not able to offer a refund if you withdraw or are unable to run.  However if you inform us you are unable to run due to an injury or for medical reasons, or you contact us within 14 days of making your booking, we may at our discretion offer a deferral to the following year. No deferrals will be offered once we have reached 28 days from the race day. We do allow transfers to another runner if you follow the official procedure. You must find a replacement runner to take your place and complete a transfer form which is available from our agents, Sport Systems.  There is an admin fee of £5.00 if we transfer your place. The number will then be transferred to the new runner.
Please do not run with someone else’s number, or pass your number to another runner unless you have officially transferred. Non registered runners are not covered under race insurance and in the event of Accident or illness during the race, we will not have correct information for medical personnel or contact details if we need to contact friends or family. Runners identified in unofficial transfer of numbers may be banned from future races.

If the race is cancelled or postponed. The race organisers will endeavour to ensure that the race takes place on  the date and at the time advertised. If for any reason it is not possible for the race to take place, updates will be posted on the event website and all runners for whom we hold email addresses will be contacted. In the event of cancellation or postponement, runners will be given the option of transferring their entry to the revised date if it possible to reschedule. Because of the substantial costs incurred by the event prior to it taking place no refunds will be offered.

Course Variation. The race organisers have a policy of having all courses independently measured in advance, using an officially accredited measurer from the Association of UK course Measurers. In some circumstances the actual course may vary from the measured course, due to circumstances outside the organisers control. Should such variation occur, the organisers will give details. We regret that in these circumstances no refunds will be made, nor any recompensed offered.