Training programmes

There are a lot of programmes available to runners, catering to different standards from beginner to the experienced athlete, and taking account of the time you are predicting to run.

We have looked at a number of programmes and can give you direct links to a selection below. Programmes vary in duration but we feel that a period of 12 weeks is ideal. However if you are running regularly, then you can probably complete in half that time.

The Cool Running website offers free 12-week training programmes. They are available in four levels from beginners to competitive runners. Cool Running advise that you should have a few months of running under your belt before embarking on one of these half marathon training plans.

See programmes here.

BUPA also offer free half marathon programmes. The beginners programme is very easy to follow and is based on running four days a week for 12 weeks. The intermediate programme is based on 5 days a week training while the advanced is for serious runners and looks at 6 day most weeks.

See programmes here.

Jenny Hadfield (a running coach) offers 6 different level plans from walk though to advanced running.

*Note, please don’t go for the Walk only programme. The Hampton Court Half Marathon is a running event and walkers will not complete within the cutoff time of 3 hours. The Run/Walk programme should be good though to get you round comfortably within this time.

See programmes here.